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Smart Classroom

  1. IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Display)

  2. Curriculum Content (K-12)

  3. Self Adoptive Learning (Maths & Science)

About Smart Classroom
A smart classroom is an upgraded and well-equipped classroom designed for students to enhance their learning power and to provide them with better education. It also caters to the need of the students by providing them with various facilities and provides them to easily access to online resources. Smart classes are online-based classes. The teacher teaches online with the help of smart tools in a smart class. The purpose of taking smart classes is to help the students to grasp the information delivered by the teacher more effectively.

1) Advanced Educational Equipment – A smart classroom facilitates modern equipment such as a smart board, LCD projectors, visualizers, computers, and modernized tables and chairs. This equipment not only helps the teachers to gain the attention of the students but also helps the students to understand their lesson verbally as well as visually. The teachers display the videos or pictures on the projector for the students to observe and understand the lesson properly. Smart classes are conducted with the use of technology-based tools to build the interest of the students.

2) Teaching Strategies – The teaching strategies in a smart classroom ensures easy understanding of lessons, help the students to think beyond their imagination and also let them use their creativity in this learning process. The teachers demonstrate the lesson with the help of audio, video, and images to help the students to understand the concept more clearly. LMS provides these facilities. This method of teaching also helps the students to retain their attention during class.