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Apple In Education

APPLE IN EDUCATION - iPad for teachers

Collaborative Learning - Integrating iPads in the Classroom with Smart Classrooms

Today the teaching and Learning Experience is undergoing paradigm shift. With information available at the click of a button, teachers need to be better equipped digitally in terms of content and the device. In this context we would like to empower teachers with the help of technology in view of the following:

  1. Teacher Training Programmes to empower teachers in the classroom with the iPad
  2. Integrate iPads with Smart Boards / Panels in the classroom
  3. Enhancement of existing smart classroom infrastructure
  4. Integrate iPads with Smart Boards / Panels in the classroom
  5. Enhanced skill set for teachers to teach in the classroom
  6. K-12 Curriculum content in the iPad
  7. Teachers Training Programmeand continued engagement
  8. Learn to use the iPad in the classroom effectively and teach interactively
  9. Enhanced class control
  10. Teaching with the help of Augmented reality with apps on the app store
  11. Build and store your own content
  12. Access to white board
  13. Learn Pages, Keynote, numbers
  14. Applicable to all teachers in any subject and all classes
  15. Become an Apple teacher and use the iPad to its potential in the classroom (Examination and Certification)
  16. Academic discount on apple devices