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Coding Labs

About Coding Labs
Some of our core offerings:

1. Virtual Platform - A software application designed for learning and developing programs. An interactive digital platform to organize, plan and execute e-learning effectively. Separate apps for teachers to learn and apply which are equipped with lesson plans, subject-wise bifurcation of topics, and ease of customization.

2. Student Learning App - The Coding Jr app allows students to access a curriculum-based digital library which is in the form of videos, digital presentations, and E-Books. It consists of virtual machines and cloud-based compilers that help students solve and compile complex codes on their phones. It is also equipped with block-based-gamified learning to make coding more engaging.

3. Lesson plans - Digi slides for every topic with pictorial representations of the same. It is time-efficient and comes with LMS software. The slides use animation to reinforce the curriculum and it helps in making them more engaging than conventional textbooks.

4. Digital Ebooks - Interactive and self-explanatory e-books are provided which can be used 24*7 and are available in an easy to use format.

5. Flash Cards - Flashcard technology is used to improve syntax memorization. It is a tested way to work on memory and learning skills and provides an edge to the students. Gamification helps students to memorize new coding languages quickly. Daily new flashcards are provided with personalized analytics.

6. In-App coding - The app is built with in-app coding facilities. Students don't require laptops and computers for coding. Cutting edge cloud-based computing technology is used to create virtual machines. Virtual labs are provided to help students to get enough time to practice coding. This results in reduced hardware and maintenance costs.

7. Artificially Intelligent Test Platform - The tests are conducted in the form of Automated Assessments Grading. The topics are bifurcated for better understanding. The tests are personalized for every student and they are provided with one-to-one feedback on the same.