1. Who is eligible for viewing, accessing or downloading content?
Ans: Students are eligible for viewing, accessing and downloading syllabus orient content as per their class levels.

2. How does a student access content on the website?
Ans: Students are required to click on their relevant class tabs, i.e. class 3, class 4 etc. This will redirect to a page with several resources that you can access without any restriction to help you perform well in the class and in your examinations.

3. How do I download an e-book?
Ans: Click on e-books on the Home Page. A list of e-books will be displayed. Click on the relevant e-book you want and download the same. Fill in a feedback form if you find the ebook helpful.

4. Which categories of content can I access?
Ans: You can access the content of relevant class levels. All non-membership sections mentioned on the website will be will be accessible to you without any restriction.

5. Will I get any guidance with regard to school projects?
Ans: You shall get access to several school projects based on your request and those that are enlisted on the website.

6. How can I access customized essays, compositions, letters, projects, e-books, questions and answers to my choice?
Ans: You can get access to customized essays, compositions, letters, projects, e-books, questions, answers and much more once you register as a member.

7. How to register as a member?
Ans: Membership section will be available soon. You will then be directed to the membership page.

8. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Ans: Once you become a member you get a wide range of FREE and PAID services. You can also customize your requests and requirements once you become a registered member of our site.