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Projects form an integral part of the schoolcurriculum. They enhance the knowledge of the student on a particular topic/subject as well as fetch additional marks in the examination. In view of the upgraded school syllabus, students are required to compile projects on several subjects. Thus students need to learn the art of how to compile worthwhile projects that fetch good marks.

Our website enlists a range of projects that highlights the technical knowhow to enable students raise the bar of their project work. Project development is an integral part of education and needs to be done to perfection.

You may access a pool of resources concerning projects, which are as follows:
1. Project Topics on various subjects
2. Guidelines on how to get started:
# the probable thinking process
# getting relevant pictures to illustrate
# preparing charts
# drawing relevant objects with pointers
# relevant explanations / excerpts / quotations
# Sample projects
3. Articles on several Project categories
4. Image gallery
5. e-books


Steps to a complete project presentation - a topic is given to you:
  1. Think hard and jot down all the related points that come to your mind
  2. Read some articles on the topic (your own text book, other books, browse the internet, take your parents views if possible) make a note of the name of books/magazines, author, web address for the bibliography
  3. Compile and add to your thought list
  4. Go through all the points gathered
  5. Organize your points in a general sequence, eliminate fringe or irrelevant points
  6. Elaborate only on points you think will be more appropriate (leave out very distant points)
  7. While writing consider relevant pictures that can go with it, jot down about 7-8 pictures maximum
  8. Acquire the pictures from magazines, newspapers, photocopy from other books, download from internet or any other source (but do not cut pictures from important books, encyclopaedias etc, instead draw them neatly on a separate page, cut and paste where necessary)
  9. Compose/write your project adding a line about the picture that follows
  10. Bibliography to be prepared and added at the end of the project
  11. Write the contents of the project on a separate page, each segment on a new line
  12. Put page numbers only after having finished writing and pasting the pictures and drawings
  13. Prepare the title page (subject, topic of project, your name, school name, class, section, year etc)
  14. Insert the content page, now put the corresponding page numbers against each segment
  15. Decorate your file cover: file design, name, class-section, academic year, school, subject title (or whatever else your teachers suggest)
  16. Tie it up with a colourful string
  17. Your project is ready for presentation!!!