Choosing a career can be a complex and overwhelming process. There are several challenges that students come across when it comes to choosing a career. Some of the common issues that most students face while making a career decision are discussed below:

Confusion or lack of direction: Some students feel overwhelmed by an array of options available to them and so find it difficult to determine which career path to opt for. Some students, on the other hand, are unsure of what they want to do with their lives.

Lack of guidance: Sometimes even after knowing what they want to do in life, students are unable to make informed decisions about their career paths. This is due to the lack of proper guidance or enough information. Students may not have access to academic counsellors or career advisors who can help them navigate the admission process to their desired university or college to achieve their goals.

Pressure from peers: Students sometimes end up making wrong career choices due to pressure from family, peer or society to accomplish certain goals in their life.

Financial concerns: This is an important concern for many students while make their career decisions. Most students are apprehensive about their ability to afford the training or further studies required for their desired career.

Here comes the solution
We at Arked Infotech, with years of experience in the education sector, have very well understood these plights faced by students. Arked Infotech is an education based company that provides one-stop academic solutions to students. Now, in association with Cialfo, Arked Infotech is offering counselling platform to enable students to make right career decision. We link students with experienced counsellors who can guide them through the process of navigating, selecting and applying to right universities and colleges across the world.

Cialfo is a student-first career exploration that is presently associated with more than 400 High Schools in 28 cities. They are also connected with over 2,000 universities across the globe.

Personalised approach of the Cialfo's platform is one of its main features. Each student is aligned with a dedicated Student Education Advisor who gets to understand them on a personal basis and help them identify their goals, strengths, and interests.

Scholarship programs of Cialfo provide financial assistance for education to students with weak financial background. Scholarships can be used to cover the costs of fees, tuition, books, and other expenses related to attending university or college.

Cialfo is on a mission is to make education accessible to 100 million students globally by 2030 through information, resources and counselling.

Whether you are a high school student just starting to think about universities and colleges or you are deep in the middle of the application process, Arked Infotech in association with Cialfo can help you to select best-fit courses and majors from over 1,000 universities in 50 countries to get started into your desired career.

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