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Address : Dalkhola, PO Simulia, via Kanki, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal 733209
Phone : 947 570 8177 / 81580 14459
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Established in year

Recognized by
CBSE, New Delhi

Status of affiliation
Provisional upto 31.03.2022

Society registered
under Section 25 of Company Act, 1956 > West Bengal Holy Cross Sisters Society, permanently

Academic session

Medium of instruction

Holy Cross School, Nichitpur, is a Minority Institution based on Christian Principles managed by the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, North East province. It is situated at the side of NH 3l about lkm away from Purnea mode. The Holy Cross congregation was founded in Switzerland in 1865 by Fr. Theodosius Florentini OFM Cap and Blessed Mother Maria Theresa Scherer. The members of this congregation work in almost all the continents - America (North & South), Africa, Europe and Asia. The Sisters reached India to take up the various apostolates in the year 1894.

Holy Cross CBSE School, Dalkhola, came into existence on 2005, in response to the long standing pressing need for an English Medium School. The School promotes co-education irrespective of caste, creed and social status. The medium of instruction is English. Holy Cross School, receives no Government or private aid but it is financed by Holy Cross Sisters Society Siliguri and the fee charged from students is the only source of income. The fee structure is revised to provide better facilities to students and teachers and for the better function of the institution.

Our main aim is to empower the women by giving all round value based education to the girl children. We also aim at creating efficient citizens to take up the responsibilities by inculcating in them cultural, religious tolerance and echo sensitivity. Our institution tries to instill the true spirit of the Constitution of India so that they become responsible citizens.

Besides preparing the students for academic achievements we aim at empowering them with knowledge, attitudes, values and skills to face the realities of life.

We the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in India commit ourselves to proclaim the good news and strive for the creation of new society of wholesome individuals, families and communities where:
• Love, faith, justice, equality, self-reliance, sharing and cooperation are promoted.
• Children are cared for and do not have to work for a livelihood.
• Communal harmony and respect for human life and dignity are fostered.
• Nature is protected and preserved.

Our mission is to form women as compassionate, competent and creative leaders who will distinguish themselves by the academic and professional excellence, sound spiritual and moral values, with a holistic growth in their intellectual, emotional, physical, aesthetic abilities, spirit of selfless service and leadership qualities.

Then they will commit themselves to the transformation of the present day social conditions contribute towards building a just and eco-friendly human society where genuine freedom, equality of opportunities and respect for religions, moral or social values found in the Gospels and enshrined in the Constitution of India will prevail.

Mission statement of the Education Apostolate of Holy Cross Sister inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus, who came to give fullness of life to all, and his call to spread the Good News of love, peace, justice and fraternity of all nation, and stirred by the example and direction of our Founder Fr. Theodosius Florentini and Mother Maria Theresa Scherer in their – unbounded faith and trust in the divine providence.

• Farsightedness
• Innovative approach to education
• Unfailing image to take risk
• Preferential love for the poor and the under privileged and challenged by inhuman poverty, massive illiteracy, environmental degradation, gender discrimination, various forms of child abuse, corruption, displacement of the poor, consumerism, fundamentalism and eroding moral values.

Admission Details
• The students of Holy Cross School who are promoted from UKG need to take admission in Std.I with the TC of UKG.
• Admission in classes other than LKG depends on vacancies. Preference will be given for Christian students.
• Admission in the higher classes (2-8 and 11) will be taken on the basis of merit of the candidates in the admission test and vacancy.
• For all those seeking admission must submit Date of Birth certificate from the Office of Birth and Death department.
• For higher classes (2-8 and 11) along with the Birth certificate, TC must be submitted.
• Parents/ Guardians are asked to fill the admission forms with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted. No new admission will be taken in classes 8 onward.
• Admission form must be signed by the parents (Father or Mother).

• CCTV surveillance
• Computer lab
• Dance rooms
• Games and sports
• Library
• Music rooms
• Science labs
• Smart class

Academic curriculum
The School promotes co-education for children irrespective of caste, creed or social status. The medium of instruction is English. The academic year is from April to March as we follow the CBSE Pattern. All students are taught the essentials of religion which are acceptable to people of all faiths and efforts are made continually to develop and draw out values in the life of all students. Holy Cross School aims at the all-round development of the students, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and cultural abilities to make them socially fit. Utmost importance is given to their character formation by inculcating positive values, self-image and self-worth in the students. In order to inculcate moral and spiritual values in our students we give more stress to value education (Moral Science).

Along with qualitative teaching and learning every child is given an opportunity to tap his or her multiple talents. School organizes various co-curricular activities and competitions in order to bring out the hidden talents and abilities of the children and to make them confident. Students are respected, appreciated and guided at every step, so that they are well molded in their initial stage itself.

School Events
• Annual function
• Annual Sports Day
• Christmas Day
• Fancy dress competition
• Karate classes
• Orange Day
• School Day Celebrations
• Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
• Teachers’ Day Celebrations
• Yoga Day

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