Convent of Our Lady of Providence Girls' High School - Kolkata

75 Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata 700 014 West Bengal India

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School motto
To love through truth

Convent of Our Lady of Providence Girls’ High School, 75 AJC Bose Road, established in 1947, is an English Medium Anglo Indian School primarily for Catholic girls with provision for admission of non- Catholic girls too.

Type of school
Day school

Category / status
Girls only

Recognized by
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE)

Name of school
Convent of Our Lady of Providence Girls’ High School

As on year 2020

Medium of instruction

Academic year
January to December

LKG to class 10

Subjects offered
As prescribed by the Board for Madhyamik Pariksha (class 10)

Co-curricular activities
• Art and craft LTS
• Bulbul
• Dancing
• Needle work
• Debate
• Quiz
• Dramatics
• Singing
• Elocution
• Yoga
• Guide

Outdoor/indoor games
• Basket ball
• Kabbadi
• Khokho
• Physical training

• Games outdoor and indoor
• Library
• Meditation classes
• New Audio Visual room for the students
• Refurbished Computer lab
• Running tap water for drinking and washing
• Science labs (Physics Chemistry Biology)

Payable for 12 calendar months to the school office Monday to Friday
Fees may be increased according to the discretion of Governing Body.

History of founder
Blessed Mary of the Passion (1839 – 1904) - Foundress of the Institute
Helen de Chappotin, later to become Mary of the Passion, Foundress of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary was born in Nantes, France in the year 1839. Even as a child she exhibited a great love for the poor. Her one ambition was to be true to herself and to God. This integrity of life moved her to proclaim truth through love in every corner of the world. Her life of contemplation and union with God was the source of her strength and courage to face trials and difficulties of every sort in order to spread truth, justice and love in every corner of the world. She would say in all sincerity: The world is my home.

History of school
The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded by Mother Mary of the Passion (born Hélène de Chappotin de Neuville, 1839–1904) at  Ootacamund , then British India, in 1877.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) are an International Religious Institute of women representing 78 nationalities spread over 77 countries on five continents. In India it is grouped into five Provinces. Calcutta comes under the Delhi Province which consists of 11 States.

The Providence Girl’s High School was started in 1947 to cater for the children of the Hindi-speaking workers in the city of Calcutta. During the years, hundreds of children have been given education and been empowered for the future. In 1994 it was possible to raise the school to become a full- fledged High school. The students were from the economically poor classes and the school was able to reach out to them in a very concrete way. As time went by, the parents of the Hindi Medium School urged us to upgrade the school and change it to English Medium. On the 2nd of May 2005, our long cherished dream became a reality!

We strive to fulfill the vision of our Foundress, Mary of the Passion. In a way, we try to be path finders and builders of a Society where gender bias and social inequality for women become our key concern. An integrated formation is given to young girls, so that they not only become literate, but also are endowed with skills and values for the future. We support the extra-curricular activities of the school, as we believe that these promote and generate a new momentum in the sphere of educational opportunities, which is Beyond Examinations.

The Convent of Our Lady of Providence Girl’s High School is an independent, all-girls private school which has a long history of academic, sports and cultural excellence. We are committed to developing the values of compassion, service, love and respect in our girls.

We aim at: Nurturing and inspiring responsible, young women to strive for excellence in all facets of life. Provide futuristic education of the highest quality based on our FMM tradition. Care for the whole person in order to develop in young people a love of learning.
Alongside scholastic and professional accountability, we provide Counselling if required.

School anthem
We the students of Providence
Come together as one
This is our garden of joy
Leading us to the right path
Braving the ups and downs of life
We are the students of Providence
Providence is our pride
To teach us to weather the storms of existence
No matter what comes our way
We are the light of knowledge
Making us perform our work
We are the students of Providence
Providence is our pride
The garden is bursting with flowers
Different colours but same fragrance
To teach the minds of all little ones
The unity of our nation
Different voices but one song
Different bodies but one soul
We are the students of Providence
Providence is our pride (3)