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Address : 8 Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Park Circus, Kolkata 700017, West Bengal
Contact : 2590 1133

Who we are

We FMA, with Mary, transformed by the Word of God, living our consecrated life passionately like DB and MM broadening our horizons become missionaries of hope and joy with the young and for the young especially those in the periphery.

What we do
The FMA Calcutta reaches out to thousands of boys and girls, children and women in the Auxilium convent Schools and other promotional centres spread over the states of West Bengal, New Delhi, UttarPradesh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Sikkim, and the neighbouring country of Nepal.

Our educative and promotive mission invites children young girls and women to lead lives of dignity and honor through various humanitarian services, such as:

• Schools of every kind and level
• Health education and nutrition
• Centres for the advancement of women
• Literacy courses
• Shelters for young girls and women at risk
• Student hostels
• Youth ministry
• After-school care and various free-time activities
• Summer camps and programs
• Parish ministry and catechesis
• Promotional centers

The latest in the social ministry records a unique program for the non schooling and marginalized children of the neighborhood to ensure the Right to Education for all children of locality with the scope to reach them to the zenith of dignity of human life.

Today the Salesian Sisters serve the young in 134 countries

• 3150 schools
• 1890 Orphanages, street children & other such programs
• 650 professional, Industrial Trades & agricultural schools
• 220 Hospitals & clinics
• 860 Nursery and Day Care Centres

And the story goes on...

Major intervention
• Coaching classes
• Family apostolate
• Parish catechesis
• Preprimary school
• Salesian cooperators
• Tailoring

Brief History
Park Circus was opened in the year 1966 as a transit house by the then Provincal Mother Teresa Merlo. The Pioneers of this house were Sr Cecilia Doyle and Sr Hilda Barragan who stayed in Dum Dum for a month and went to and fro, getting the house ready. The first Superior of the house was Sr Margaret Opezzo.

There was already a school from nursery to class 3 with 300 students existing under the name St Victor School; and in January 1967, it was renamed as Auxilium Convent School. Auxilium Convent School had pre-primary and elementary classes.

The commercial school began in Park Circus in 1970. It was well attended by the girls of Park Circus area. Initially a sister was in charge but when she was transferred Mrs Ghosh an efficient teacher from Dumford School took charge. The girls appeared for the exams through Dumford School and got good secretarial jobs in various offices. In 1988 commercial school was closed down due to insufficient number of students.

The Park Circus house provided accommodation for all our sisters who came to Calcutta for purchases and other works and who journeyed by train. The sisters attended mass and Sunday school at the oratory of Don Bosco Park Circus and Chinese chapel at Tengra. On Sunday evenings grown up girls of the Parish came to the house for catechism classes. The chaplain of the community was Fr Atilio Colussi from 1967 to 1987 till his death.

From 1977 to 1982 Sr Catherine Das for Bengali Medium School and Sr Magdaline Caspani for the dispensary, went to Auxilium Parish, Gobra to help the Salesian Fathers. They went up and down until a new community was established there in 1982.

From 1999 a sudden decline in the number of students took place due to mushrooming of schools in the locality, no scope for furthering the education and lessening of children in the family. So the school continued to function as a pre-primary school with an average strength of 150 students. Today we have Nursery of two sections and KG of one section.

Another activity of the house is parish catechesis. One sister goes to take catechism for the parish children at Queen of the Mission every Sunday. House visiting is not done regularly but as and when need arises sisters visit the families of children, sick and the aged.

A group of young boys and girls who are nurses in various hospitals here and who belong to Jesus’ Youth come to our house every Sunday for their regular meetings, prayer experience , adorations and discussions and at times even on week days they have adorations for special graces. Though we do not join them regularly we do take part in their gatherings occasionally.

There is a vibrant group of co-operators who are very experienced and want to contribute their share for the growth and well being of the young and the needy. They engage in different activities to raise fund for sponsoring children’s education and helping the orphanages, Ashalayam etc.